Mental Health and Wellness Conference

Mental Health and Wellness Conference

In observance of World Mental Health Day on October 10, 2020, we are planning to promote mental health access and awareness through The Mental Health and Wellness Conference on October 09, 2020. This will be the third year for the conference with the first being held in 2017.

The Virtual Mental Health and Wellness Conference will offer 7 continuing education hours.

NASW Approval # 886752618-8510 * Not recognized in New York, Michigan, West Virginia, New Jersey, Idaho and Oregon

NBCC applied

Session 1: Addressing Mental Health Concerns: FMLA and Short Term Disability Forms
CE Hours Applied: 1.5
Presenter: Meredith A. Lewis, PhD, LICSW, PIP

Dr. Meredith Lewis is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker in the State of Alabama and the State of Tennessee. She has over 16 years of experience working with therapeutic foster care, veterans, family therapy, substance abuse, mental health, school system, homeless, aging population, non-medical home care, and teaching college courses. Dr. Lewis currently provides psychotherapy in the outpatient setting for people with anxiety, depression, and adjustment symptoms.

Content Description: Introduces FMLA and Short Term Disability and provides clinicians with information required to complete documents.

Objectives: Participants will learn why clients request time off from work due to mental health concerns. Participants will define Family Medical Leave Act and Short Term Disability. Participants will learn how to assess impairment in areas of functioning. Participants will learn to describe justification for clients receiving ongoing time off.

Session 2: Advocacy and Social Work: Where to Begin and How to Get Involved
CE Hours Applied : 1.5
Presenter: Sam Rance, MSW LSW

Sam Rance is a licensed medical social worker at Oak Street Health’s Parkside Center, located in West Philadelphia, PA. She has been with Oak Street since it opened in the Philadelphia region almost two years ago. Sam graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 2017 with her masters in social work and the Ida Maude Cannon Fellowship in Integrated Healthcare. She has previously worked in HIV+ medical case management and sexual assault victim advocacy.

Content Description: Engaging in social justice advocacy.

Objectives: Participants will learn social justice history.Participants will learn about the current social justice issue, Black Lives Matter. Participants will learn about intellectual elitism and exclusion in social justice spaces. Participants will learn how to increase protest involvement.

Session 3: The Importance of Prevention in a Changing Landscape
CE Hours Applied : 1
Presenter: ElinoreF. McCance-Katz, MD, PhD

Elinore McCance-Katz, M.D., Ph.D. is the first Assistant Secretary for Mental Health and Substance Use. She obtained her Ph.D. from Yale University with a specialty in Infectious Disease Epidemiology and is a graduate of the University of Connecticut School of Medicine. She is board certified in General Psychiatry and in Addiction Psychiatry. She is a Distinguished Fellow of the American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry with more than 25 years as a clinician, teacher, and clinical researcher. Most recently she served as the Chief Medical Officer for the Rhode Island Department of Behavioral Healthcare, Developmental Disabilities and Hospitals and as the Chief Medical Officer for the Eleanor Slater Hospital system which is Rhode Island’s state resource for patients with the most serious mental illnesses and medical illnesses requiring long term, inpatient care. She was also Professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior at Brown University. Previously, she served as the first Chief Medical Officer for the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). Prior to coming to SAMHSA, she served at the University of California, San Francisco as a Professor of Psychiatry, as the Medical Director for the California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs, and as the Medical Director of SAMHSA’s Clinical Support Systems for Buprenorphine (PCSS-B) and Opioids (PCSS-O). Dr. McCance-Katz has published extensively in the areas of clinical pharmacology, medications development for substance use disorders, drug-drug interactions, addiction psychiatry, and treatment of HIV infection in drug users. She served on the World Health Organization (WHO) committee that developed guidelines on the treatment of drug users living with HIV/AIDS. She has been a national leader in addressing the overprescribing of opioid analgesics and in providing consultation on management of patients with chronic pain and opioid overuse. She was a participant in the development of SAMHSA TIP 40 which provided the initial guidance to physicians utilizing buprenorphine in the treatment of opioid use disorder, contributed to the development and maintenance of the legislatively required 8 hours of physician training for prescribing buprenorphine products and has continued to be actively involved in the development and delivery of physician training on office-based treatment of opioid use disorders. She has been one of the architects of Rhode Island’s plan for addressing the opioid epidemic including new approaches to treatment in the form of a statewide system of Centers of Excellence in the treatment of opioid use disorder, new approaches to training in the utilization of DATA 2000 (Drug Abuse Treatment Act of 2000) to bring DATA waiver training to medical students, and going
forward, nurse practitioner and physician assistant students, and legislative/regulatory work addressing safe use of opioids in acute pain.

Content Description: The Important Role of Substance Abuse Prevention in the Health and Welfare of Our Nation.

Objectives: Participants will learn about THE OPIOIDS CRISIS: Status and Ongoing Strategy. Participants will learn about Marijuana:The Need to Educate
the Public About Health Risks Associated with Use.Participants will learn about Vaping: Emerging and Urgent. Participants will learn about Methamphetamine: Spiking Use in Some Regions, Increasing Toxicities and Deaths.

Session 3: Facebook Groups: A Platform for Ethical Practice
CE Hours Applied : 3
Presenter: Marquita DR Thurman, MSW LCSW

Content Description: Facebook’s micro, mezzo and macro level reach and cultural relevance provides great opportunity to practice and promote adherence to ethical practices.

Objectives: Participants will learn about Social Media’s positive reputation.
Participants will learn about Social Media’s reach. Participants will learn about Facebook resources through an introduction to Facebook groups and how they provide a platform for ethical practices.

Conference Fees:  Regular $75  Student $50

Fees cover CEs, conference t shirt and other conference material mailed to address provided.

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